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Carson Helicopters Designs and Manufactures Upgrades for Legacy Helicopters

Franklin Carson is a pioneer in rotary wing flight and started Carson Helicopters, Inc. on a twenty-five acre farm in Perkasie, Pennsylvania in 1958.

Over the years, the original shed and small, unheated farmhouse grew into a F.A.A. Approved Helicopter Repair Station for the overhaul, repair and manufacturing of all major model helicopters. Carson’s 81 acre facility now includes a 84,000 sq. ft Hangar, a 60,000 sq. ft Warehouse, an office building, paint shop and heliport.

Carson’s experienced work staff and in-house capabilities have made it a leader in the manufacturing of S61 Helicopters. Our services portfolio includes support for T58 engines, dynamic components, structures and avionics.  When it comes to S61s, no one has more experience than Carson Helicopters.

Carson holds over 35 STCs for improvements and upgrades to rotor wing aircraft—29 are for the Sikorsky S61 Helicopter. In 2003, The Carson Composite Main Rotor Blade was certified by the FAA, permitting the S61 to carry an additional 1,700 lbs., fly 15 knots per hour faster and travel 50 miles farther on the same horsepower.  Since certification, over 1,000 main rotor blades have been manufactured and are being used worldwide by governments, commercial operators and Marine One, the helicopter used by the President of the United States.

Carson combines its extensive experience in operating, manufacturing and overhauling helicopters with its research and development program to rebuild and modernize the S61 and other legacy aircraft.  Some of the new products Carson is presently working on include new Composite Tail Rotor Blades and a Glass Cockpit for the S-61. It will be possible to purchase kits to complete these upgrades locally.

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Approvals Certificates

Approvals Certificates
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