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Component Services

Carson’s FAA-approved Component Shop specializes in the repair and complete overhaul of components on the Sikorsky S61 Helicopter. Some of these components include:

  • Main Rotor Head Assembly

  • Main Gear Box

  • Tail Gear Box

  • Main Wheel Assembly

  • Master Brake Cylinders

  • Tail Rotor Drive Shafts

  • Nose Wheel Shock Struts,

  • Parking Brake Valves

  • Primary Servocylinders

  • Rotor Brake Master Cylinders

  • Rotor Brake Assembly

  • Slave Master Valves

  • Tail Gear Shock Strut, Tail Wheel Assembly, UP-lock Cylinder, Wheel Brake Assembly, Accumulator, Battery Vibration Absorber, Cargo Hooks, Centering Cylinder, Hydraulic Pumps and Main Gear Shock Struts.

Our overhaul services include teardown, visual and manual inspection, repair, nondestructive testing and final assembly.

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