Avionics and Electrical Shop

Carson’s Avionics provides partial and total retrofitting of Avionics and electrical systems. Any airframe can be entered into our retrofit program, from the aging airframe arriving in pieces on a truck, to the fly-in candidate.

All marking of wire is done on one of two state-of-the-art laser wire marking machines. Continuity and H1-Pot Testing of all major harnesses is accomplished with our in-house automatic harness testing system. This system, as configured, can check a total of 1760 connections in one harness during one test. Once the harness has been successfully tested on the automated tester, it is then interfaced to our “HOT MOCKUP.” During this phase of testing, the harness is connected to the actual equipment it is slated to be interfaced with in the aircraft. Power is applied, systems are programmed and functions are tested before the harness is ever installed into the airframe. This additional step results in a more efficient installation into the aircraft, reducing the overall scheduled time for final evaluation and testing.

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